ajna Stephanie Thaler

Ajna is the Creator of Cacao Heart.  She is dedicated to healing; a certified yoga teacher, certified massage therapist, Tantrika, a Reiki master, Theta healer, Rebirther, Conscious Relating guide, Watsu and Waterdance practitioner and Heart opener Cacao Goddess. She has lived and traveled in more than sixty countries around the world to learn and share ancient and new-age forms of healing through the harmony of mind body and spirit. She thrives on the I and I consciousness and facilitates groups through deep soulful connections and openings. The Shamaness-Priestess finds the juiciness of life in the details of our process, the space between the laughter and the tears knowing that pain is inevitable, sufering is optional. She delights in the creativity of each individual as we free ourselves from separation. 


dr. mario alam

Dr Mario Alam is one of Australia's favourite Holistic Medical Doctors. He combines his training in Western Medicine with a well-travelled wisdom and knowledge gained from spiritual elders to medical pioneers.
He inspires to create peace within individuals and in the world. He has facilitated healing along his travels to over 45 countries and believes in the light of humanity. 
Dr Mario works with the healing power of the cacao as a vehicle for heart opening.


cacao heart alchemy

The Alchemy that is born from theses two people together creates a safe space for you to explore in.  Mario is the sturdy earth of Shiva consciousness to feel assured that there is a doctor around, and Ajna takes the firey Shakti conscious dance to a level of deeply opening us through many tools.  The Cacao has brought them together in their healing pursuits, as it works on the heart center.... on our ability to give and reveive love freely and generously.  It even reveals teh places inside of us taht are withholding from this (self)love.  It is a gentle medicine, reminding us of the power of softness and compassion.  Cacao stimulates the emotional body, our intuition and creative flow, allowing our right brain to come out and play.