"It was in a beautiful hall by the beach as the light was just starting to fade. It was one the most amazing journeys of my life. In it mingled together a bit of history, a bit of nature, coming together with the cosmos, different energy bodies, your inner male and female energy, speaking your faults and strengths, medicine, meeting yourself as an observer and as an expansive being, playfulness, connection and healing.  I got to laugh, I got to cry, I got to be held and healed. I got to hold and heal. I got to meet myself in many different ways. I got to set an intention and deepen it with the intention of all others. I could look at polarity through union.  I could look at parts of myself without needing to identify fully with them. At other times I got to feel fully alive.  I got to feel my fears and let them go, I got to feel another’s and let them go."  - Alim Braakman, Holland

"It was my first time experiencing the power of the cacao mediicne.  The exercises that you brought forward were stunning.  I experienced beatiful emotional release.  Very powerful energy and left wit ha soft heart."  - Rachel Anastasi, Australia 

"I remember feeling very free, welcome, connected and also emotional.  I could feel my heart beat in my toe, pumping life through my whole body.  The cacao brought up tears to the surface fro deep within, but the company and different exercises helped to wash them away, embrace the intensity and open up to the love.  Maybe what I am trying to say is the cacao made me realize i have wings and Ajna held me up into the air creating the platform to take off."  - Katy Huntermark, Germany


"The whole night was as if I was simultaneously with a guru, with my friends with my family, learning, loving, on drugs, traveling. All in one a real complete journey into tribal connected ancestry of the entire existence. Honoring.  First was the energy and subtle creation of space, the intention was clear. Everyone was quickly drawn in while leaving an obvious freedom of expression for your being and your own process. The journey was both individual and collective, each was responsible for his own heart, but all hearts were touching.  Many things stand out. Touching knees in meditation feeling the goodness of that person increasing and amplifying that goodness in each other until you are both howling full throttle to infinity." - Alim Braakman, Holland

"Just to feel in yourself this female energy giving birth to form and to really be held by the formless. To be able to speak of your deepest desires without analyses, without preconception or expectation or psychology. To just be held and have the ear of someone truly, to be vulnerable but not judged.  To then be able to open up to someone, and learning from each other. Finding out you came for similar reasons, have similar beliefs and experiences while also being very different, opening up new connections and new possibilities learning and continuing to connect beyond the ceremony. Realizing you can connect without ulterior motive that you can eye-gaze without doing a bad thing that you can feel love or attraction without condemning it or having to act on it other than feeling it together." - Alim Braakman, Holland