The Ceremony 

The ceremony, is a ritual to appreciate the now moment, which is always sacred, to heal separation and move into Oneness. Using intention, dance, breath work, soft intimacy and the power of the elements & community while working with one of the planet’s most powerful medicinal plants - Sacred CACAO.

We will sip the cacao elixir as we embark on the dance of our inner light and darkness, Shiva and Shakti to restore balance. 
Expand your heart, and uplift your soul while experiencing ecstasy rooted in the body as the Sacred Temple.
Cacao can be utilized to expedite inner work, facilitating creative energy, yet its different to other plant medicines in that it does not carry you away on a journey, but rather supports you wherever you are, amplifying whatever is happening inside. The ceremony is an experience in group energy and deep inner work. 



the opening and the workshop

 We will begin with ceremonial opening of the 7 directions and then invoke intentions. There will be movement and dance with Osho techniques. For the inner work we will alternate between deep solo-activities such as pranayamas (including square breathing, and visualization meditations) and partner work with white tantric techniques (such as heart meditations and transfigurations, solsara and healing the 7 different bodies) to allow clarity and transformation to blossom. Ultimately, prana leads us to our core and to the space in us that never says a word, and is conscious of all in rest. During the activities, if you experience a strong reoccuring thought or movement of energy in your body, focus on it, this is your message. Through the medium of CACAO, we find a space of true connection where our essence reveals itself and opens to profound nourishment.




 Cacao serves a facilitator for deep meditation and inward journeying if taken with trained facilitators in the right context and desire to connect with our higher consciousness. Together we feel supported focus and discover that when we let go we are thrust into the present, our patterns, and our limiting ideas no longer restrict us. Letting go is a choice made moment by moment with sincerity and presence saw how much energy we use in protecting and suppressing ourselves, and how much energy is released when we reveal ourselves, takes us to the spaces inside where transformation and healing are welcome.